Job Opening: Fulfillment Enthusiast

Are you a passionate automotive or motorsport enthusiast? Are you truly talented but lack work experience? Are you looking for an opportunity to prove yourself by building your resume starting from an entry level position?…

As a Fulfillment Enthusiast at APEX, you’ll be working in the warehouse to help fulfill orders placed by racers and auto enthusiasts alike. Your efforts are needed here to make sure enthusiasts get the right parts, before their track events, in perfect condition, and that the facility is a clean and an efficient place to work.

APEX Race Parts Fulfillment

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Squeezing a 315 R-Compound Tire Onto A Stock F8X M3/M4

BMW F8X M4 APEX 18 Inch EC-7 Wheel Test Fit

Our goal was to figure out the best wheel & tire combo for both stock and modified F80 M3’s and F82 M4’s that want to add a lot of grip. In this write-up, we start by sharing the process we took to find the most optimal rear wheel fitment for running wide tires. We’re looking forward to creating more technical articles like this in the future.

Just like each previous generation M3, these cars require a unique wheel width and offset to go as wide as possible. Recycling old fitments is a major compromise and doesn’t allow for 305 or 315 tires to fit properly. It’s even harder to fit R-Compounds in those wide sizes. Existing F8X wheels on the market are aesthetic-oriented and focus on fender “flushness” with typical street tires. Achieving our goal required us to start fresh and research the right wheel width and offset ourselves. It took us two days and two volunteers to complete our testing, and even longer to compile it into a write-up. Sorry for the long wait.

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APEX Race Parts at Bimmerfest West 2015

APEX Race Parts | Bimmerfest 2015

APEX Race Parts | Bimmerfest 2015

While we’re Bimmerfest veterans, this year’s show was a departure from the norm. Bimmerfest West has a history of migrating locations, having originated at BMW of Santa Barbara and now being hosted at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, CA.
The location change allowed for a joint car show/track day type of event and if you somehow forgot that you were at Bimmerfest, the roar of race-prepped engines screaming by the show grounds throughout the day served as a constant reminder.
Another welcome change was the fact that it was a comfortable 72° and overcast as opposed to the usual scorching +95° heat. By a significant margin, the most notable change about our experience at Bimmerfest West 2015 was Continue reading »

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Photoshoot: Space Gray Dinan S1 with APEX EC-7 Wheels

BMW E60 M5 with APEX EC-7 wheels

With many successful cars being churned out by BMW, the E60 5-series is often overlooked and notorious for being a larger, more sluggish car. It was designed to luxuriously ferry clients about the city, commonly referred to as “executive cars.” This Dinan E60 M5 breaks the mold of a typical E60 5-series. Prepared by Dinan Engineering, it is the perfect blend of executive car and weekend warrior providing the ability to take any twisty road with a commanding presence. When we were given the chance to shoot this Dinan S1, we jumped at the opportunity. Continue reading »

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BMW F8X/F22/E60/F10 Needed for Wheel Test Fitment and FREE Photoshoot


APEX Race Parts is looking for cars to be used for testing our wheels and a professional photo shoot. These photographs will be showing off fitments of various APEX wheels on your car. The information and images will be used in forum articles and threads, Facebook, and on our blog and website. This test fitment of our wheels on your car will expand our vehicle and fitment knowledge and will equip our product and fitment specialists with the information and knowledge to best assist you with any fitment questions.

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Photoshoot: 18” EC-7 Wheels on BMW M235i


APEX was lucky enough to have a brand new BMW M235i in our facilities for a photoshoot. We felt our EC-7 Wheels in Race Silver complemented the Estoril paint job and looked right at home on this car. The bodylines to the M235i are smooth and transition so nicely; shooting and lighting this car was fairly easy with our overhead Chimera light bank. From the owners perspective, it was amazing to see their car in a studio setting. The lighting highlighted the body lines while creating natural shadows that can be seen sweeping across the side of the car. Based on the excitement in the room while the car was being shot, we could certainly tell the owner was very pleased with their new purchase!

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Redesigned and Reinforced APEX Wheel Studs

APEX BMW Wheel Stud Kits

It’s a good time to upgrade your wheel studs

Redesigned APEX wheel studs feature an improved shoulder design to reduce stress risers and stud failure. 75mm and 90mm versions are available with a true bullet-nose race tip for faster wheel installs and a cleaner look, or with an easy to install hex head.

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APEX 19″ ARC-8 Wheel Pre-Order Extended


We received an update that all 19” ARC-8 wheels are scheduled to arrive around mid-October. We also received notice from many customers that they experienced technical difficulties while trying to join the pre-order through our site.

Because there are two weeks left before wheels get here, and because we just fixed the issue that prevented the coupon code from working properly, we feel obligated to extend the sign-up period for the pre-order.

You now have 2 more weeks to join. The last day to place your pre-order is October 15th.

Wheels will ship out immediately upon their arrival.

For more details see the original 19″ ARC-8 Product Announcement pre-order post.

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Photoshoot: 19″ ARC-8 Wheels on Interlagos Blue BMW Dinan E90 M3

Front 3/4 Interlagos Blue BMW E90 M3 Dinan with 19" APEX ARC-8 Wheels

This Interlagos Blue BMW E90 M3 is running a squared 19″ ARC-8 wheel fitment in the Anthracite finish with Hankook V12 tires, and lowered on Dinan Suspension. The Dinan Suspension provides a very mild drop, and retains the same wheel fitment as the OEM suspension. There are numerous fitment combinations available for this model M3 ranging from 9″ to 10.5″ wide, and all of them share the same deep concave face profile (Profile 3). This specific M3 sedan was tested with a square setup of Anthracite 19×10″ ET25 ARC-8 wheels front and rear with 275/30/19 sized street tires. Although this is a wide front wheel/tire setup, it is a direct bolt on set up with street tires if the stock suspension or lowering springs only are used. However, E9X M3′s equipped with KW Variants or Club Sport coilovers will require a 5mm spacer in order for the 10″ front wheel to clear the suspension. R-compounds are also an option on the 10″ square setup, but camber plates will be needed to fit meaty tires. Do note that suspension clearance is effected by R-compounds, and the unique shapes of aftermarket suspension components can cause interference with the wheels and tires, thus requiring a small spacer for adequate clearance like those with KW coilovers.

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Photoshoot: 19″ PS-7 Wheels on Jet Black BMW E46 M3

Front 3/4 view of a Jet Black BMW E46 M3 with APEX 19" PS-7 wheel fitment

There’s nothing better than the look of an aggressive stance with deep concave wheels on a lowered M3. Fitting them on the back of a BMW E46 M3 is no challenge, but if you can also get them to fit up front, it changes the car’s entire personality. We had the opportunity to play with this Jet Black E46 M3 coupe for a day, and we were able to test fit the most aggressive wheel configuration recommended with deep concave front wheels. The Jet Black E46 M3 shown is running an extremely aggressive staggered 19″ PS-7 wheel fitment for street use. The same general look can be accomplished with easier fitting wheel and tire combinations that share the same face profile.

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