Job Opening: Enthusiast Content Creator

Do you friggin’ love cars? Do you spend an unhealthy amount of your time on auto enthusiast forums and websites? Do you enjoy writing and do it for a living or write passionately about your hobby? Does your passion for writing and love for all things automotive have you dreaming of the day when you can combine the two into a career? Well, today’s your lucky day.


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Job Opening: Digital Graphic Specialist

Does poor letter kerning give you cold sweats? Do you get stoked when the graphics, designs, and visual content you create breathes life into an old, dusty product page? Are you just as passionate about cars and motorsports as you are about growing your marketing career? If you’re itching to put your sweet design chops to use in an industry that you’re actually excited about, then this is the opportunity for you.

motorsport web marketing

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Job Opening: Accountant


Are you someone who feels anxiety if you do not check and recheck your debits and credits for accuracy and common sense accounting?  Is your goal to be an expert in the details while overseeing and managing the full accounting process? Are you up to the challenge of working with a team that will hold you accountable and expect you to be proactive? If so, you’re already on the right path to becoming the next Accounting Staff hire at APEX Race Parts. Read on!

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Job Opening: Product Experts

Are you passionate about performance cars? Do you find yourself researching mods and giving your friends advice on how to set up their cars? If you’re determined to find a job that combines your career with your passion, then this is your chance! APEX Race Parts is seeking enthusiasts who want to join our elite team of Product Experts.


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New Wheel: APEX ARC-8 18×9″ ET30


Join the 18×9″ ET30 Group Buy to save up to $200 »

Everyone loves the deep concave face of the APEX ARC-8 wheel line, but not everyone is willing to squeeze overly wide wheels and tires under their car’s fenders just to get that look.

Introducing our newest ARC-8 fitment: the 18×9.0” ET30. Now you can run a wheel width and offset that retains all of the concavity of your favorite wheels without having to run camber plates, roll/flare fenders, or deal with any rubbing. These are perfect for E46 and E9X Non-M owners.

If you’ve looked at our popular EC-7 18×9” ET31 wheels and wished that size was available in the ARC-8 design, then this is the fitment for you. The first production run of this new wheel is being offered via a Group Buy. This allows us to fine-tune our production runs while offering you a potentially steep discount on a set of ARC-8 wheels!

To participate in this Group Buy, you can either buy a pair of the new wheels on their own (2 wheels total) or you can choose a pair of our existing 18” ARC-8 wheels to compliment a pair of the new 18×9.0” ET30 ARC-8 (4 wheels total).

Discount Tiers:

  • 1-9 Members = Free Shipping

  • 10-19 Members = $50 Discount + Free Shipping

  • 20-29 Members = $100 Discount + Free Shipping

  • 30-34 Members = $150 Discount + Free Shipping

  • 35-39 Members = $175 Discount + Free Shipping

  • 40+ Members = $200 Discount + Free Shipping

Wheels included in this Group Buy: 

  • Wheel Pair #1:
    • NEW! 18×9.0″ ET30 – Hyper Silver, Hyper Black, Anthracite, Satin Black
  • Wheel Pair #2:
    • 18×8.5″ ET38 – All Aforementioned Colors
    • 18×9.0″ ET30 - All Aforementioned Colors
    • 18×9.0″ ET42 - All Aforementioned Colors
    • 18×9.5″ ET22 - All Aforementioned Colors
    • 18×9.5″ ET35 - All Aforementioned Colors
    • 18×10″ ET25 - All Aforementioned Colors
    • 18×10.5″ ET27 - All Aforementioned Colors

How do I participate? 

It’s easy! Visit the official Group Buy Parts Deal Dashboard. From there, you can show your interest by joining our Feeler List. When the Payment Phase opens on 4/21/2016, you’ll be sent a notification to officially pledge to the Group Buy. You must do this step if you want to actually receive product.

I have some questions…

No problem! We’re here to help. Contact us at and we’ll get you an answer to your question(s) ASAP!


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Blemished & B-Stock Wheel Blowout

Over the years APEX has accumulated a number of wheels that aren’t suitable for sale at full price. These wheels have a minor aesthetic imperfection only, all wheels function perfectly. All of our blemished wheels are new, unused, with their structural warranty from APEX intact. All of these wheels are all available at discount pricing. You can find a list of all currently available wheels and prices by using the following link to view our Google spreadsheet.

APEX B-Stock Wheel Availability Spreadsheet

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Job Opening: Fulfillment Enthusiast

Are you a passionate automotive or motorsport enthusiast? Are you truly talented but lack work experience? Are you looking for an opportunity to prove yourself by building your resume starting from an entry level position?…

As a Fulfillment Enthusiast at APEX, you’ll be working in the warehouse to help fulfill orders placed by racers and auto enthusiasts alike. Your efforts are needed here to make sure enthusiasts get the right parts, before their track events, in perfect condition, and that the facility is a clean and an efficient place to work.

APEX Race Parts Fulfillment

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Squeezing a 315 R-Compound Tire Onto A Stock F8X M3/M4

BMW F8X M4 APEX 18 Inch EC-7 Wheel Test Fit

Our goal was to figure out the best wheel & tire combo for both stock and modified F80 M3’s and F82 M4’s that want to add a lot of grip. In this write-up, we start by sharing the process we took to find the most optimal rear wheel fitment for running wide tires. We’re looking forward to creating more technical articles like this in the future.

Just like each previous generation M3, these cars require a unique wheel width and offset to go as wide as possible. Recycling old fitments is a major compromise and doesn’t allow for 305 or 315 tires to fit properly. It’s even harder to fit R-Compounds in those wide sizes. Existing F8X wheels on the market are aesthetic-oriented and focus on fender “flushness” with typical street tires. Achieving our goal required us to start fresh and research the right wheel width and offset ourselves. It took us two days and two volunteers to complete our testing, and even longer to compile it into a write-up. Sorry for the long wait.

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Photoshoot: Space Gray Dinan S1 with APEX EC-7 Wheels

BMW E60 M5 with APEX EC-7 wheels

With many successful cars being churned out by BMW, the E60 5-series is often overlooked and notorious for being a larger, more sluggish car. It was designed to luxuriously ferry clients about the city, commonly referred to as “executive cars.” This Dinan E60 M5 breaks the mold of a typical E60 5-series. Prepared by Dinan Engineering, it is the perfect blend of executive car and weekend warrior providing the ability to take any twisty road with a commanding presence. When we were given the chance to shoot this Dinan S1, we jumped at the opportunity. Continue reading »

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BMW F8X/F22/E60/F10 Needed for Wheel Test Fitment and FREE Photoshoot


APEX Race Parts is looking for cars to be used for testing our wheels and a professional photo shoot. These photographs will be showing off fitments of various APEX wheels on your car. The information and images will be used in forum articles and threads, Facebook, and on our blog and website. This test fitment of our wheels on your car will expand our vehicle and fitment knowledge and will equip our product and fitment specialists with the information and knowledge to best assist you with any fitment questions.

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