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E9X non-M: Wider Track Wheels for Your 335 or 328

ARC-8s: 17×9.5” ET35 squared

Designed for track use on the E90 and E92, the 17X9.5” ET35 ARC-8 addresses the requirements and concerns for the track day driver. Tire selection, brake clearance, and proper fitment work together to create an incredibly high performance wheel package that helps keep tire costs under control.

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EC-7s; One Our Most Perfect Street Fitments for the E9X non-M

EC-7s: 18×9.0” ET31 Front & 18×9.5” ET35 Rear

This is one of 3 recommended EC-7 wheel fitments for the pre-LCI E9X 3-series. If you want a direct fitment without any additional work required, this is for you.

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The Perfect, Square EC-7 Fitment, Made for the E46 M3

EC-7, 18X9.5” ET35 Square

An easy fitment, this is one of our preferred and most popular choices for the E46 M3. For those of you seeking a more balanced street setup to track day drivers and racers, this square fitment is a great choice. With the square setup, you can rotate wheels front to back to increase tire longevity. Additionally, it doesn’t require any fender or body modifications and spacers are not mandatory. If you have stock suspension, a lowered M3, or a dedicated racecar, this is a perfect fitment that is practically plug and play.


  • Car/chassis: E46 M3
  • Wheel model: EC-7, Race Silver
  • Wheel size: 18X9.5” ET35 Front and Rear
  • Spacers: 12mm rear. Spacers are not required in the rear but we recommend them for aesthetics and a small handling boost from a wider track.
  • Tires: 265/35/18 Hankook RS-3
  • Suspension: Ground Control Coilovers
  • Camber plates: Vorshlag
  • Alignment: -1.5 to -2.0 degrees of camber required for a 265/35/18.
    The -1.5 degrees of camber can be achieved by pulling the alignment pins, which is very easy to do.
  • Fenders: No modifications
  • Other body modifications: None
  • Brakes: OEM. This fitment can fit brakes as large as the Brembo 380s with 6 piston calipers by adding a 5mm spacer in the front.

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Concavity on the E36 and E36 M3!

ARC-8, 17X9.5” ET35

This is the most aggressive 17″ wheel fitment available from Apex for the BMW E36 and E36 M3. Because of the wheel’s concavity it is most commonly used as a street fitment with slightly undersized tires: 245/40/17. This fitment can be easily adapted for track and autocross with wider or more aggressive tires using proper specifications and precautions; see below.

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A More Modern Approach: Staggered 18” EC-7s for the BMW E36 and E36 M3

APEX EC-7, 18X9” ET31 front and 18X9.5” ET43

We knew this would be an amazing wheel but the unexpected benefits of this fitment on the E36 have great potential: Wider tires with an easier fitment, unique and modern aesthetic, and 355mm Big Brake clearance.

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The Perfect 17” BMW E36 and E36 M3 Fitment

APEX ARC-8, 17X9” ET42

This is by far the most popular wheel set up for E36 and E36 M3 owners looking for a wide track, autocross, or street fitment for their cars. There are a few reasons this is “The Perfect 17” E36 Fitment”: wheels and tires are generally much less expensive than 18″, the wheels and tires are lighter, and they can fit big brakes*.

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APEX Holiday Group Buy: ARC-8, EC-7, AERO-7

Due to countless requests from customers, forum members, and Facebook fans throughout the year, we have decided to have one of our largest Group Buys yet, and the first one since February 2012. APEX has wheels to fit over 9 BMW models and multiple widths and sizes for each one. This is the Group Buy you’ve been waiting all year for!

Group Buy Details:

This details of the Group Buy for each particular model is listed and linked to their pertinent forum. If there is more than one forum listed just choose the one you like best.

BMW Model EC-7 ARC-8 AERO-7

E36 and E36 M3

M3 Forum Bimmerforums M3 Forum Bimmerforums

E46 M3

M3 Forum E46 Fanatics M3 Forum E46 Fanatics

E9X non-M

E90 Post E90 Post

E9X M3

M3 Post

Z4 and Z4 M

Z Post Z Post

1 Series

1 Addicts Bimmerforums 1 Addicts Bimmerforums 1 Addicts Bimmerforums

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