APEX Holiday Group Buy: ARC-8, EC-7, AERO-7

Due to countless requests from customers, forum members, and Facebook fans throughout the year, we have decided to have one of our largest Group Buys yet, and the first one since February 2012. APEX has wheels to fit over 9 BMW models and multiple widths and sizes for each one. This is the Group Buy you’ve been waiting all year for!

Group Buy Details:

This details of the Group Buy for each particular model is listed and linked to their pertinent forum. If there is more than one forum listed just choose the one you like best.

BMW Model EC-7 ARC-8 AERO-7

E36 and E36 M3

M3 Forum Bimmerforums M3 Forum Bimmerforums

E46 M3

M3 Forum E46 Fanatics M3 Forum E46 Fanatics

E9X non-M

E90 Post E90 Post

E9X M3

M3 Post

Z4 and Z4 M

Z Post Z Post

1 Series

1 Addicts Bimmerforums 1 Addicts Bimmerforums 1 Addicts Bimmerforums

You can go directly to the Group Buy product pages to officially join and pay at these links: 1 Series Group Buy, Concave 17″ ARC-8 Group Buy, EC-7 Secret Fitment Group Buy.

EC-7 Gallery

ARC-8 Gallery

When is the Group Buy?

The following applies for all model-specific Group Buys

  • Feeler Phase = Until December 13th
  • Official Open Date = December 14th
  • Official Close Date = December 21st
  • Product Ship Date = Approximately December 28th

Spread the word. The more members that sign up, the lower the price will be for everyone!

How do I join and sign-up?

  • Currently this Group Buy is in the sign up period, no payment needs to be made at this time.
  • Members who join this list are not obligated to buy.
  • To join the Group Buy simply post the size and finish that you would like and we will add you to our feeler list above in this post.
  • On December 14th our website will have a group buy page for you to join and pay when the group buy opens.
  • The last day to join and make payment is December 21st. No orders can be placed after this date.
  • Buyers are not officially part of the Group Buy until they’ve placed an order on our website’s Group Buy page or contacted us to make payment.
  • The Group Buy page will contain a list of members as they join. It is updated as they sign up within 24 hours.

Discount Tiers

  • The price you pay at sign up is based on how many members are currently signed up.
  • At the close of the Group Buy, everyone’s order/payment will be adjusted to the final discount tier reached.
  • Your card or PayPal account will be authorized for the going rate, and then charged for the final price reached (the lowest price).
  • At the end, everyone pays the same price.
  • There is zero advantage in signing up at the last minute.
  • Early sign-ups promote others to sign-up, so don’t sabotage your own discount.

Free Shipping

  • Free Shipping is available to members in the 48 mainland states. Alaska, Hawaii, and International members will receive a $75 credit off the actual cost of shipping.
  • Non-mainland/international members: please contact us prior to ordering for a shipping quote We’ll either send you an invoice, or a code to adjust your order.
  • Free shipping and this discounted price are for this product only and does not cover extras added to the cart such as spacers, lugs, center caps or other store products unless those produces also offer free shipping. Adding others parts may result in a shipping fee.
  • Due to package sizes, the cart may calculate an unreasonable shipping rate for add on items. If this occurs, contact us prior to checkout, and we will adjust your extra item shipping costs if there is an issue.
  • Non Group Buy parts will ship with your wheel order unless requested in the comment field at checkout.

Local Pickup Discount

Local customers who pick up their set will receive a $35 discount on their order local pickup discounts are provided at time of pickup. You must select “local pickup” in the comment field at checkout so that we do not ship your order.

When do the Group Buys ship?

CURRENT ETA: Most orders by the end of December, remaining orders by early January.

  • This is a Group Buy. Wheels do not ship the day after making payment like a traditional order.
  • 80% of order should ship out by December 28th.
  • Wheels are scheduled to arrive at our facility around December 26th.
  • Customs/Port delays can add an extra 1 week delay, but it’s rare.
  • We cannot guarantee an exact ETA date. Our estimates have historically been conservative and within +/- one week of our ETA date.
  • We will keep everyone up to date of even minor changes if they occur via this thread.
  • All customer orders will ship simultaneously, after the close date.
  • Tracking numbers will be provided to all buyers, and important progress updates will be posted on this forum, and on corresponding product pages.


  • Customer cards or PayPal accounts will be authorized for the price listed at sign-up.
  • The cards/accounts will be charged for the final discounted amount at the close of the Group Buy
  • If Aftermarket Performance Express Corp. elects to cancel the group buy due to low order volume or a production issue, ALL customers will be provided full refunds if their payment was already processed.


There are NO refunds on Group Buy orders. Group Buys are special order, which is why payment is taken in advance

  • Only replacement of defective, or mis-shipped products are available.
  • Members cannot change colors or sizes after receipt for Group Buy orders.
  • These products are priced at promotional pricing and do not carry that same return policy as our retail priced items. If you would like a traditional 30 Day return policy then we recommend purchasing at the retail price, and not via the Group Buy.

Finish Availability

  • Finish availability will be offered on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • EC-7′s are available in all finishes at the beginning of the group buy.

Remember, the more members that sign up, the lower the price will be for everyone! So use the sharing links below to let your friends know now is the time to purchase that set of wheels they’ve been lusting after.

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