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APEX at Bimmerfest 2013 Follow Up

Following up on Bimmerfest 2013 is easy. AWESOME!

Don’t worry. We have pictures.

APEX Bimmerfest 2013 Commemorative Sticker

Bimmerfest is the only show APEX takes part in and for good reason. It’s a ton of work! We started preparing for and packing up 4 weeks prior to the event on May 18th 2013. There was so much to do but were able to get bumpers painted, install suspension, and order and mount tires. We had the right cars all ready for our booth and the marketing material was perfect. After our checklists were reviewed and verified we had just enough time to spend the night before the caravan mounting a bumper and applying vinyl.

Once the prep was done we could relax and look forward to the show and the Bavarian500 caravan from Northern California to Bimmerfest. Fingers were crossed we didn’t forget anything. We were also hoping the new 2 Series would be there.

Northern California Caravan

The caravan met in San Jose at around 7:00 am on Friday morning. As we were waiting for some other caravans coming from further north, everyone began marking up their cars with rally numbers, polishing and cleaning, applying blue tape, and picking up their APEX Bimmerfest 2013 stickers. We had 2 cars in the caravan, 2013 F30 328i and 2011 335D, with “Photographer” on them. You can imagine how that got everyone going once we were on the road.

From BMW tattoos to cars practically encased in protective tape for the drive down, we saw it all! Before the caravan dissolved after the lunch break, we were able to capture and post some amazing still and rolling shots. Funny thing about caravans, the energy seems to only last for a few hours but the smiles and enthusiasm were incredible until the caravan split up a bit before King City.

You can see all of the Caravan images here:
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APEX Bimmerfest 2013 Sticker and Contest

Bimmerfest 2013 is Almost Here and We Thought it Needed Something a Little Different

The APEX Bimmmerfest Sticker is here along with a little contest, sponsored in part by Toyo Tires and StopTech Brakes

This sticker was designed by our creative team to commemorate the 2013 edition of Bimmerfest. They also thought it would be a good idea to run a contest around it and spread some APEX love. Getting your APEX Bimmerfest 2013 sticker, taking part in the contest, and winning is easy.

APEX Bimmerfest 2013 Commemorative Sticker

To get your sticker all you have to do is come by the APEX Race Parts booth at Bimmerfest 2013. You can also meet us along the way down to Bimmerfest in the Northern California Bimmerfest Caravan. It’ll be easy to spot us in our white E90 335D and F30 328i as we’ll have “Photographer” on the cars and will be taking pictures along the way.

To take part in the contest, get the sticker on your car somewhere, take a picture or video, then share it on our Facebook page.

The images or videos with the most likes and shares win. The 10 winners can win an APEX Stud Kit or APEX Spacers, or an APEX T-shirt. Plus, the sticker is something you want anyway. See the Terms and Conditions for details.

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