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E46 non-M Fitment – Staggered and Aggressive

The Front is 18X9″ ET31 with 18×10″ ET43 on the Rear

This is a much-wider-than-stock but surprisingly easy fitment with a few suspension mods. No spacers are necessary  with this fitment, and as long as you have a minimum of -1.5 degrees of camber* up front and a fender roll in the rear, there are no clearance issues. With a little work to create the additional front camber you can give your E46 a much more aggressive look and significantly increase its handling performance.


It’s not easy to see but our test car is a lot more than a lowered BMW E46 on coilovers. It has had an S54 conversion, custom exhaust, and some very significant suspension modifications. Suffice to say, we want it. But even with its extensive modifications the car does represent this fitment as it will be on any E46 non-M: wide, aggressive, easy, and spacerless.

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F30 3-Series Staggered Fitment – Wide and Mildly Aggressive

Front: 18X9” ET42 EC-7. Rear: 18×9.5” ET43 EC-7

If you want a wider, more aggressive, and spacer-free fitment and your F30 isn’t too low this is a great setup for you. What’s wrong with low cars? Nothing; but our F30 is at 25.25” (this is low) in front and we get a little rubbing on the fender liner. It looks great, and we think the minor rubbing is worth it, especially since there are no other compromises*. We could always choose to raise our F30 a bit or use 235/40 tires in the front, but probably won’t. To us, it’s perfect just the way it is.

BMW F30 328i with APEX EC-7s

Our F30 came with 17X7.5” wheels with 225/50 tires. By moving to the 18×9 and 18×9.5” wheel package we are able to run 245/40 and 255/40 tires front and rear, while saving 13 lbs. over the original wheel and tire package, even with larger and wider wheels, and wider tires. This weight savings is significant as it is rotational mass, which impacts performance far more than static weight. The new tire sizes are not only a great width** for our upgraded setup but they are a near-perfect overall diameter for the F30, which is taller than the previous previous 3 Series.

Please contact us with any questions you may have.

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