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F30 328i: Impressions from a Track Day

We Were Forced to Take Our F30 to the Track. Why?

Our project F30 328i was only meant to be a test vehicle for various APEX fitments. We never thought about tracking the car or even driving it very hard. The F30 seemed like it wasn’t really that kind of BMW.

When modifying it, TOYO Tires and KW Suspension came in on the project as sponsors and we set it up for street use: low, flush, and more comfort than handling. This car was not going to see the track.


Lowered for a perfect street look. With a very comfortable ride and
great handling, this is how the car should have come from BMW.

So there it is, a great street car with a lot of room, that gets over 34 MPG, and can go 0-60 in under 6 seconds. With the the KW V3 coilovers, TOYO T1 Sport tires, and APEX EC-7s it has the perfect stance and the attitude we were looking for. Although we weren’t very concerned with the handling, the V3s and T1 Sports are so good, the car is a total pleasure to drive.

Fast forward a couple of months when our E36 M3 track car blew a motor just before an APEX Company track day and we had no choice. We were forced to take the F30 328i or cancel our track day. That wasn’t about to happen so the F30 it was going to be. Continue reading »

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A Perfect 1 Series Track Setup

BMW 1 Series with APEX ARC-8 wheels

Why a 1 Series isn’t an Easy Fit for Wide Wheels and Tires

The 1 Series has always been a BMW that cries for more grip. With a better power to weight ratio and a smaller size than the 3 Series, it’s narrow and staggered run-flat tire and wheel package doesn’t come close to taking advantage of the car’s true potential. If your 135i or 128i sees track or autocross time, or you just want it to handle better, wider tires on wheels designed specifically for the 1 Series will make a huge difference in its handling. Get the grip to take full advantage of the 1 Series’ potential and any power modifications you may have.

Sadly, there are few off-the-shelf options for wheel/tire packages, as the fitment specifications are very different from the common 3 Series. A wide, meaty tire on a wheel with 3 Series offsets will stick out of the fender. Stretched tires that are too narrow, aggressively rolled, flared fenders, or running excessive amounts of negative camber are some of the steps owners take to shoehorn wheels onto a 1 Series.
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