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Job Opening: Automotive Photographer

Apex Race Parts (APEX) is looking for multiple, experienced and passionate automotive photographers to help handle our in-house and on-location technical and creative automotive photography. Initially this would start as project based contract work to test your skills, but could quickly grow into a flexible part-time, salaried full-time, or just remain a contract position, depending on your performance. You would work under the guidance of the Marketing Coordinator as part of a mixed team of other contract and employee photographers and assistants.

Your duties will include working in our studio and automotive shop area to take and edit photos as defined by the marketing team. An ideal candidate will have direct experience working with paying clients on projects with strict deadlines and high standards of quality. Being required to re-edit work already done to achieve a set quality standard should be familiar for you. You will work with the Marketing Coordinator to execute planned photography jobs ranging from technical under-the-car photos, on-location, and in-studio beauty shots, product photography, and any other miscellaneous photography-related tasks.

Your problem solving skills and meticulous attention to detail will be exercised on a regular basis as your output will be required to meet specific expectations and deliver on all requirements of detailed project outlines. Your thorough communication skills will be vital to interacting with the marketing team as a whole. Project requirements will often change mid-process and you must be able to improvise, adapt, and overcome challenges. Through your communication, you are expected to lead and properly schedule and delegate tasks to studio assistants, while making an efficient use of your time in the studio. With direction from the Marketing Coordinator, you will be responsible to bring projects from conception to completion with quality results.

APEX cyclorama studio with lightbank

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