Photoshoot: 18″ PS-7 Wheels on BMW E36/8 Z3 M Coupe

Rear angle view of a Titanium Silver Z3 M Coupe with APEX 18" PS-7 wheels. Get wheel fitment help from our experts. Call us today!

This Silver BMW Z3 M Coupe is running our staggered 18″ PS-7 wheel fitment wrapped in Nitto NT-05 tires, and lowered on TC Kline Single Adjustable coilovers with Ground Control Hybrid Camber Plates. The Z3 M’s fitment shown here is visually similar to what BMW E46 M3 owners would run with staggered concavity when running a narrow front wheel and wide rear. We tested the car with 18×8.5″ ET35 (Profile 1) front and 18×10.5″ ET22 (Profile 3) rear wheels wrapped in 235/40/18 and 285/35/18 tires, which is a direct fitment for this car.

Although the wheel sizes are similar to the E46 M3, tire sizes can be noticeably different. The Z3 M has room for a lot of rear wheel and tire. 285/35/18 would already be a lot on a stock M3, but on the Z the 18×10.5″ ET22 wheel can be used to accommodate a 295/30/18 sized tire as well without the need of any fender roll. There is also the availability of the wider 18×11″ ET25 (Profile 3) PS-7′s available for those seeking an even a wider wheel for the rears on the Z3 M.

There is the option of a more aggressive and deeper concave 18×9″ ET31 (Profile 2) front wheel with the proper amount of negative camber on the car to clear the fenders, depending on the tire make and model, but added negative camber is recommended when running the 9″ front wheel. Going up to the 18×9″ ET31 wheel would allow for the fronts to fit up to a 255/35/18 sized tire. Cars without camber plates are advised to stick with 235/40/18 tires. There are also similar fitments available in our ARC-8′s & EC-7 wheel designs.

The brand new APEX PS-7 wheel is the first of a new line of lightweight, street-focused wheels in BMW-specific wheel fitments. The PS-7 brings long needed improvements to a mesh design that’s been seriously lacking in features, and left enthusiasts with only heavy alternatives. Just like the rest of the APEX wheel line, the PS-7 is once again produced using the Flow-Forming manufacturing process. Even with key strength improvements that add weight in select areas, static weights are reduced by 20% on average versus cast alternatives. More aggressive wheel widths and offsets were selected versus our line of race-oriented wheels, allowing for a flush fit without spacers. APEX designed these face profiles to significantly increase concavity on many applications that are traditionally more conservative, offering three different concave faces for the PS-7 wheel.

Strength improvements were made to help specifically address the unique abuses of the street where low-profile and stretched tire fitments are used. To help fight wheel bends, we’ve increased the thickness of the wheel’s inner lip. Load ratings exceed JWL requirements, and all sizes have been crush tested in Japan, earning them official VIA certification and registry marks. Additionally, the barrel’s diameter increases sharply after the drop center, improving big brake kit clearance. Performance luxury vehicles deserve much more than heavy cast wheels. The PS-7 combines racing inspired lightweight engineering with desirable street styling, to produce the ideal wheel of choice.


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