Photoshoot: 19″ ARC-8 Wheels on Interlagos Blue BMW Dinan E90 M3

Front 3/4 Interlagos Blue BMW E90 M3 Dinan with 19" APEX ARC-8 Wheels

This Interlagos Blue BMW E90 M3 is running a squared 19″ ARC-8 wheel fitment in the Anthracite finish with Hankook V12 tires, and lowered on Dinan Suspension. The Dinan Suspension provides a very mild drop, and retains the same wheel fitment as the OEM suspension. There are numerous fitment combinations available for this model M3 ranging from 9″ to 10.5″ wide, and all of them share the same deep concave face profile (Profile 3). This specific M3 sedan was tested with a square setup of Anthracite 19×10″ ET25 ARC-8 wheels front and rear with 275/30/19 sized street tires. Although this is a wide front wheel/tire setup, it is a direct bolt on set up with street tires if the stock suspension or lowering springs only are used. However, E9X M3′s equipped with KW Variants or Club Sport coilovers will require a 5mm spacer in order for the 10″ front wheel to clear the suspension. R-compounds are also an option on the 10″ square setup, but camber plates will be needed to fit meaty tires. Do note that suspension clearance is effected by R-compounds, and the unique shapes of aftermarket suspension components can cause interference with the wheels and tires, thus requiring a small spacer for adequate clearance like those with KW coilovers.

Although we photographed a 10″ square setup, the most popular setup for these cars is a staggered wheel fitment. Most enthusiasts would prefer to stay similar to the OEM staggered fitment, as they find it unnecessary to run such a wide front wheel in 19″ sizes. Really wide front wheels are great on the track, but on the street they add little benefit. The most popular option for the E90 M3 is 19×9.5″ ET22 front and 19×10.5″ ET22 rear ARC-8′s with 265/30/19 and 285/30/19 sized tires. A 19×9″ low offset wheel is also available with an offset that is more aggressive than stock, getting you that flush look without the need for spacers, while not being as wide as the 19×9.5″ ET22 option. If your M3 mostly sees the street, an ideal tire would be the Michelin Pilot Super Sports for dual duty as it is a phenomenal street tire that holds it’s own for the occasional track day. If you are trying to use these wheels for a dedicated track set of wheels, there are several high performance summer tires available such as the Hankook R-S3, Yokohoma AD08R, and Dunlop Direzza II that are popular street tires with a great amount of grip. There have been some customers who were able to use 295/30/19 sized tires on the rear of the car with the 19×10.5″ ET22 wheel, but one would need to dial in some negative camber or roll the rear fenders slightly to accommodate the much wider rear tire as our ET22 rear offset is designed to be flush with 275 and 285 width tires. This ET22 offset allows our 10.5″ wheel with reasonable tires sizes to look as aggressive as 11″ wheels with wider tires. The 19″ ARC-8′s clear most big brake kits available on the market for the E9X M3. There are similar 18″ & 19″ fitments available for your BMW M3 in our PS-7 & EC-7 wheel models as well.

ARC-8 Design:

The racing pedigree ARC-8 design was first released back in 2009, and originally only available in performance oriented fitments in smaller 17″ and 18″ diameters. The straight spoke mesh design allowed for a strong and light-weight wheel that quickly became popular among racers and track enthusiasts alike for it’s deep spoke concavity. This is the first time the 19″ versions of the ARC-8′s have ever been introduced, still representing the race heritage while being offered in a street friendly fitment. These larger diameter wheels are configured to cater more specifically to the aesthetic needs of the street going enthusiast, along with functional changes that better meet the needs of the street environment. Strength improvements were made to help specifically address the unique abuses of the street where low-profile and stretched tire fitments are used. To help fight wheel bends, we’ve increased the thickness of the wheel’s inner lip. Additionally, the barrel’s diameter increases sharply after the drop center, improving big brake kit clearance. The ARC-8 also accepts OEM Roundel center caps, TPMS sensors, and comes with our newly redesigned gloss-black APEX center caps.

APEX 19" ARC-8 Wheels Pre-Order

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