Photoshoot: 19″ PS-7 Wheels on Jet Black BMW E46 M3

Front 3/4 view of a Jet Black BMW E46 M3 with APEX 19" PS-7 wheel fitment

There’s nothing better than the look of an aggressive stance with deep concave wheels on a lowered M3. Fitting them on the back of a BMW E46 M3 is no challenge, but if you can also get them to fit up front, it changes the car’s entire personality. We had the opportunity to play with this Jet Black E46 M3 coupe for a day, and we were able to test fit the most aggressive wheel configuration recommended with deep concave front wheels. The Jet Black E46 M3 shown is running an extremely aggressive staggered 19″ PS-7 wheel fitment for street use. The same general look can be accomplished with easier fitting wheel and tire combinations that share the same face profile.

The wheels shown are Hyper Silver PS-7′s in 19×9.5″ ET22 (Profile 3) front and 19×10.5″ ET22 (Profile 3) rear, with Hankook V12 tires in 245/35/19 and 275/30/19 sizes. This M3 coupe is lowered on ST coilovers with swapped front top hats to yield nearly -3 degrees of camber in the front, and has the rear stock camber arms maxed out to -1.8 degrees in the rear. Many E46 M3 owners that utilize coilovers with V-shaped progressive springs such as KW/ST and Bilstein coilovers tend to prefer the 19×9.5″ ET22 because of the low offset providing adequate strut clearance, not requiring any spacers. The swapping of the top hats is a trick that many E46 M3 owners refer to as the “free camber mod” as swapping the top hats can add enough camber for the car to accommodate very aggressive low offset wheel setups. Though the amount of camber is not adjustable with the top hat swap, most owners are seeing -2.8 to -3 degrees of camber, which is plenty for the 19×9.5″ ET22 wheel to properly clear the front fenders. This fitment is only for those who are willing to roll their fenders and dial in significant negative camber to fit a wider, lower offset wheel with the deepest possible concavity. The rear fenders are heavily rolled, the tires are undersized and stretched on both the front and rear wheels, and the car is lowered a decent amount. This fitment is reserved for those looking for the most aggressive looking stance with very wide, low-offset wheels and are willing to make the compromises necessary to make it fit. The concave 19×9.5″ ET22 PS-7′s can clear the majority of big brake kits available for the E46 M3.

For an E46 M3 looking for a staggered wheel fitment that is slightly more aggressive than OEM, but trying to avoid any fender modifications, the 19×9″ ET35 (Profile 2) & 19×10″ ET25 (Profile 3) PS-7′s with 245/35/19 and 275/30/19 sized street tires would be a much better fit and choice. The 9/10 staggered combo sets the wheels more flush with the fenders than the OEM wheels, and provides the car with wider wheels and tires without fitment issues. In comparison, the OEM wheel fitment is a conservative 19×8″ with 225 front, and 19×9″ with 255 rear. With a half inch wider width on both the front and rear compared to the OEM 19″ wheels, this wheel setup allows for a better looking stance for the car while still being compatible with the OEM suspension and factory alignment settings. The 19×9″ wide front wheels can even clear coilover kits that utilize progressive V-shaped springs properly, such as those from KW/ST and Bilstein. If one is looking to run an even wider tire in front such as a 255 or 265, the 9″ wheel can still accommodate this, but added negative camber may be needed and suspension clearance may be lost, resulting in the need for wheel spacers. For those who want 9.5″ front wheels that are not as aggressive nor require as much of a compromise, we recommend the 19×9.5″ ET33 (Profile 2) wheel with a 245 or 255 tire in lieu of the 19×9.5″ ET22 (Profile 3) PS-7.

If a lot of extra wheel and tire width is not needed, there is an even easier front wheel fitment available: The 19×8.5″ ET35 (Profile 1), which would typically be run with a 245/35/19 tire. It’s still wider than stock, but fits with great ease. The 19×8.5″ wheel is typically paired with the 19×9.5″ ET22 (Profile 3) rear wheel running a 275/30/19 tire. There are other wheel models available for the E46 M3 with similar fitments, including the ARC-8′s and EC-7′s in both 18″ and 19″ fitments

Rear 3/4 view of a Jet Black BMW E46 M3 with APEX 19" PS-7 wheel fitment

PS-7 Design:

The brand new APEX PS-7 is the first of a new line of lightweight, street-focused wheels in BMW-specific fitments. The PS-7 brings long needed improvements to a mesh design that’s been seriously lacking in features, and left enthusiasts with only heavy alternatives. Just like the rest of the APEX wheel line, the PS-7 is once again produced using the Flow-Forming manufacturing process. Even with key strength improvements that add weight in select areas, static weights are reduced by 20% on average versus cast alternatives. More aggressive wheel widths and offsets were selected versus our line of race-oriented wheels, allowing for a flush fit without spacers. APEX designed these face profiles to significantly increase concavity on many applications that are traditionally more conservative, offering three different concave faces for the PS-7 wheel. Strength improvements were made to help specifically address the unique abuses of the street where low-profile and stretched tire fitments are used. To help fight wheel bends, we’ve increased the thickness of the wheel’s inner lip. Load ratings exceed JWL requirements, and all sizes have been crush tested in Japan, earning them official VIA certification and registry marks. Additionally, the barrel’s diameter increases sharply after the drop center, improving big brake kit clearance. Performance luxury vehicles deserve much more than heavy cast wheels. The PS-7 combines racing inspired lightweight engineering with desirable street styling, to produce the ideal wheel of choice.

APEX PS-7 Wheel Promotion

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