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New Wheel: APEX ARC-8 18×9″ ET30


Join the 18×9″ ET30 Group Buy to save up to $200 »

Everyone loves the deep concave face of the APEX ARC-8 wheel line, but not everyone is willing to squeeze overly wide wheels and tires under their car’s fenders just to get that look.

Introducing our newest ARC-8 fitment: the 18×9.0” ET30. Now you can run a wheel width and offset that retains all of the concavity of your favorite wheels without having to run camber plates, roll/flare fenders, or deal with any rubbing. These are perfect for E46 and E9X Non-M owners.

If you’ve looked at our popular EC-7 18×9” ET31 wheels and wished that size was available in the ARC-8 design, then this is the fitment for you. The first production run of this new wheel is being offered via a Group Buy. This allows us to fine-tune our production runs while offering you a potentially steep discount on a set of ARC-8 wheels!

To participate in this Group Buy, you can either buy a pair of the new wheels on their own (2 wheels total) or you can choose a pair of our existing 18” ARC-8 wheels to compliment a pair of the new 18×9.0” ET30 ARC-8 (4 wheels total).

Discount Tiers:

  • 1-9 Members = Free Shipping

  • 10-19 Members = $50 Discount + Free Shipping

  • 20-29 Members = $100 Discount + Free Shipping

  • 30-34 Members = $150 Discount + Free Shipping

  • 35-39 Members = $175 Discount + Free Shipping

  • 40+ Members = $200 Discount + Free Shipping

Wheels included in this Group Buy: 

  • Wheel Pair #1:
    • NEW! 18×9.0″ ET30 – Hyper Silver, Hyper Black, Anthracite, Satin Black
  • Wheel Pair #2:
    • 18×8.5″ ET38 – All Aforementioned Colors
    • 18×9.0″ ET30 - All Aforementioned Colors
    • 18×9.0″ ET42 - All Aforementioned Colors
    • 18×9.5″ ET22 - All Aforementioned Colors
    • 18×9.5″ ET35 - All Aforementioned Colors
    • 18×10″ ET25 - All Aforementioned Colors
    • 18×10.5″ ET27 - All Aforementioned Colors

How do I participate? 

It’s easy! Visit the official Group Buy Parts Deal Dashboard. From there, you can show your interest by joining our Feeler List. When the Payment Phase opens on 4/21/2016, you’ll be sent a notification to officially pledge to the Group Buy. You must do this step if you want to actually receive product.

I have some questions…

No problem! We’re here to help. Contact us at and we’ll get you an answer to your question(s) ASAP!


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