BMW 3 Series non M – E9X

APEX has created spacerless fitments in the ARC-8 and EC-7 wheels, specifically for the E90, E92, and E93. Details about the fitment are provided when available. Details of the fitments represented in the images are provided when available.

Your Photos

If you have photos of your car that you would like to share, please send them to or contact us at You may also upload them to our Facebook page:

  • When sending images you should assume we are going to use them on Facebook and may use them on our Blog and Website
  • Send images as large as possible
  • Please send the following information:
    • Wheel sizes
    • Tire brand/model and sizes
    • Suspension brand/model
    • Spacers, if any
    • Any fender modifications to enable fitment
    • How you use your car: street, track, race
    • Your impressions and/or comments